Photographed and directed by Michal Pudelka


Bratislava-born Pudelka, who previously worked for the likes of Valentino, Moncler, Vogue Italia, Vogue Japan, and AnOther, not only shares a common vision with NEHERA, but the same heritage. Through visual metaphors and surrealism, the campaign explores NEHERA’s & Michal ’s Slovak roots. The vast soil of the fertile seeding fields is used as a strong visual background in which Pudelka – who was inspired by the natural materials and earthy tonal colours of the clothes – created a juxtaposition of modern workingwomen versus old school field workers.

The clothes show impressions of life and movement. Deep square pockets create flaps when opened, unzipped constructivist shapes move like panels when in motion. Mannish classics – a NEHERA signature – are redefined this time with elaborate oversized constructions. Their generous volumes controlled and reshaped with martingales cinching the back or front of sartorial coats and jackets. Elsewhere, tailored pieces cut in asymmetric patterns wrap across the body, adding a notion of fluidity.

Pudelka who draws his images before he shoots them, designed each photograph for a certain group of clothes, inspired by their cuts and overall dynamics. The result is a visual harmony that emphasizes asymmetries as points of differentiation – pushing the classic into the abstract without losing its wearability.